The best new features coming to the iPhone

The home screen is also getting a new feature called the app library, where you can see a list of all apps installed on the phone, automatically arranged by type. The apps most likely to be useful in that particular moment float to the top of the list. 

App clips

The company’s latest redesign also lets users preview a small part of an app when they need it without having to download the whole thing. This could be something like paying at a parking meter or renting a shared bicycle or scooter. 

The clips will be accessible by scanning a code, such as a QR code or an upcoming Apple-designed code specifically for this purpose. Clips can also be shared in messages or a browser.

It’s designed to help in situations where you might only need an app once, for example for a particular local authority’s parking or public transport system.

Set your own default apps

Capitulating to demand from customers to use rival company software as their default, Apple announced that it would now let iPhone and iPad users choose programs such as Google’s Gmail to automatically open email links and browsers including Firefox to open web links. 

The change came in a blink-and-you miss it slide during today’s presentation, and appears to be limited to email and web browsers for now. 


Apple’s messaging system is getting some updates to make group chats easier to follow, as the company faces competition in this area from Facebook-owned Whatsapp and Messenger. 

It’s introducing threads, which allow users to respond to a specific message and make it clearer who they are replying to, in a feature which appears similar to the workplace communication app Slack. 

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