The cost and budget in Google street view

Virtual reality has been improving a lot in recent years, most especially now that the world is not yet free from the pandemic. People have been using the virtual tour as an alternative means to travel to a new location. The best way this is manifested is through a 360 virtual tour. In a virtual tour, one can view a place anywhere and anytime to see what it looks like. A good example of a well-known virtual tour is the Google Street View.

Google Street View is an effective way to get familiar with a location one hasn’t visited before in real life. This tool enables millions of travelers to find their way around a place and discover new locations. As it needs to be regularly updated, Google has been encouraging people to create virtual tours especially business owners. A lot of entrepreneurs also hire virtual tour Singapore agencies to aid them in building a 360 tour of their business and uploading it in Google Street View. 

A lot of people have been contributing their images for Google Street View. That is because it allows the location to be discovered by others resulting in people having the interest to visit the location in real life. If you are thinking of adding a 360 virtual tour in Google Street View, you need to think about the cost and budget that you need to allot. There is a price to everything but that doesn’t mean that you have to produce a large amount of it to produce a virtual tour Singapore experience. That is why in this article, we will cover the cost and budget in making a Google Street View. 

Photography equipment

The first thing that you need to spend on creating a 360 virtual tour is photography equipment. The purpose of a virtual tour is to create a digital reality of an existing place. To achieve this, you need high-quality pictures that will appear as if it is not different from the real place. If you want high-quality images, you need to make sure that you are using top-quality photography equipment. 

One might think that virtual tour Singapore photography equipment is expensive. However, it is no different from buying any gadget since you can always find cheaper alternatives that will grant you similar benefits. Thus, when you look for photography equipment for your 360 virtual tour creations, you should look for those that will bring the best value to your budget. 

If this virtual tour Singapore project is only short-term, it is recommended that you borrow equipment. This will not only save you from the cost of buying your own photography equipment but also ensure the best quality images. If you can’t borrow for free, you can look for photographers that rent out their equipment. However, if you need it for the long-term, then you should not mind investing money in purchasing photography equipment for your 360 virtual tour.

Travel vehicles and fees

To be able to capture a great virtual tour Singapore street view, one must go out and take images. If you are planning to create a 360 virtual tour of a long street or a large location, you should have a vehicle. A lot of virtual tour Singapore creators put cameras on their cars to capture images as they travel. Others put their GoPro cameras on their helmets and travel by motorcycle, bikes, and even skateboards. 

Whichever vehicle you will be using, that will come at a cost. Buying a vehicle for the sole purpose of creating a 360 virtual tour can be costly. Apart from that, you will also have to pay gas, transportation fares, and road fees if necessary.


Creating a virtual tour Singapore project can be too laborious for one person. That is why if you want the project to be done fast and with quality, it is likely you will hire people. The type of workers that you need to create a 360 virtual tour are photographers, drivers, and VR tour editors. Hiring people comes with a price that can be a recurring cost if you need them for a longer time. Thus you need to be thinking about your manpower costs when you are planning for the Google Street View project’s budget. 

As you can see, creating a 360 virtual tour comes with a cost and needs a budget to be able to turn into a reality. There are a lot of aspects in the virtual tour Singapore creation process that needs funding. However, you can save a lot by paying a one-time service fee. This can be done by hiring a 360 virtual tour company like Digital Solutions. They already have the equipment, the travel fees, and the labor wage covered. You just have to pay for the virtual tour Singapore service fee. If you are interested in availing of the services of Digital Solutions, come and visit their website. 

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