Tokyo Olympics president to resign following sexist comments


Tokyo Olympics president Yoshiro Mori is reportedly set to resign due to sexist comments he made regarding women being too talkative and competitive during meetings.

“When one of them raises her hand, they probably think they have to say something, too. And then everyone says something,” Mori said when asked why there were so few women on the Japanese Olympic Committee.

Mori quickly faced backlash for his comments, with many arguing that he made harmful generalizations about women rather than take ownership of the committee’s lack of female representation. He tried to apologize for his comments once public sentiment seemingly turned on him.

“The statement made at the Japan Olympic Committee was an inappropriate expression, contrary to the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics,” Mori said. “I am deeply remorseful. I would like to withdraw the statement. I would like to apologize for any unpleasant feelings.”

Despite the apology, Mori insisted that he would not resign for the comments. However, it appears that has changed. Mori is now expected to step down on Friday. Saburo Kawabuchi, a former president of the Japan Football Association, will take over Mori’s duties.

The rescheduled Olympic Games are approximately six months away, and even without Mori’s resignation, there are clearly some serious problems the committee needs to deal with, including the overwhelming majority of the Japanese population believing the Olympics should be canceled until the pandemic is over.

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