My Mindful Robot: A Children’s Social Emotional Book About Managing Emotions with Mindfulness (Thoughtful Bots 2)

Price: $5.99
(as of Sep 14,2020 20:31:39 UTC – Details)

Mindful Bot is a master of mindfulness! Join Mindful Bot as her and her builder teach the other robots strategies.

Mindfulness is an important, lifelong skill that helps children manage emotions, but it can sometimes be hard to teach or explain.

‘My Mindful Robot’ is a social emotional story that teaches kids what mindfulness is and how they can use it when they are feeling other emotions so that they can find their calm. With fun, bright illustrations and easy-to-understand language, "My Mindful Robot" is a great tool for any teacher, parent, or counselor!

‘My Mindful Robot’ will:

  • teach kids what mindfulness is
  • teach kids how to be mindful
  • give examples of when to use mindfulness
  • teach kids how to find their calm
  • teach easy-to-use strategies to practice mindfulness

Thoughtful Bots is a series developed to help children understand big feelings and teach social skills.

With simple language and examples, Thoughtful Bots supports social emotional skills and equips kids with strategies when feeling various emotions. Counselors, parents, and teachers can enjoy these books as engaging read-alouds and useful tools. Thoughtful Bots is geared towards kids ages 3-10 and is an great resource for boys, girls, young readers, and elementary school students.

Each book includes tips and strategies for parents and educators.

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