Ignore the trolls – through individual action and collective power we can stop this virus

We are standing at a crossroads in our coronavirus response. On one side lies death. On the other, hardship but hope. The most important message delivered to the public yesterday did not come from members of the Government. It came from Professor Sam McConkey, the head of international health and tropical medicine at the Royal College of ­Surgeons Ireland (RCSI).

Speaking on Morning Ireland, Professor McConkey said that if the rates of growth of the virus remained on their current trajectory – increasing by 30pc to 50pc every five days – there could be 5,000 cases a day in Dublin by the end of October.

Let that number sink in, 5,000 cases per day. In Dublin alone. This level of transmission of the disease would almost certainly see our health service collapse and deaths from the virus increase exponentially. This is the nightmare scenario that each of us must now make our best efforts to avoid. Clearly, the burden, in mitigating this disaster, will fall mainly on the shoulders of those living in Dublin.

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