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Hundreds of under-65s died from heart problems because of coronavirus pandemic, says charity

As the nation went into lockdown in late March there was a significant fall in people seeking help for suspected heart attacks.

The BHF said that in late March the number of people attending A&E with a suspected heart attack dropped by 50 per cent, and although numbers have improved, admission levels remain below previous levels.

It added that thousands have been left waiting for heart investigations such as echocardiograms.

Professor Nick Linker, national clinical director for heart disease for the NHS in England, said: “The number of people seeking emergency help for heart problems quickly recovered during the first wave, after some people had initial concerns about coming forward for care.

“The NHS has continued to offer treatment for urgent and routine heart problems throughout the pandemic and patients have been able to visit their GP, so nobody should delay coming forward to get the advice and support they need.”

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