Hair Wars!: Cardi B Is Shocked When Fans Crown Offset The Better ‘Space Buns’ Winner

Cardi B is calling out her fans for being disloyal after the Bardi Gang revealed that they think her husband Offset rocked his hairstyle better.

“My own fans claiming [Off]set did it better,” Cardi wrote on Twitter. “Wow…the disloyalty.”

Attached to the rapper’s tweet was a social media post created by her fan page showing a side-by-side photo of both Cardi and the Migos rapper rocking two neatly placed buns. 

Just below the “who wore it better” post, some fans made it perfectly clear that they preferred Offset’s fresh new hairstyle. However, there were also fans that were pro Cardi all the way! 

Take a look at the responses below:

Whelp, the people have spoken. However, in our opinion, there’s no competition here—they both look amazing! 

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