Football returns and Dubs win as usual but will the chemistry be altered without Jim Gavin?

Transmogrification is a transformation into something mysterious and magical. It is what happens with the greatest sports teams: The All Blacks 2011 to 2015, Barcelona when Carlos Puyol captained them. Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics, who won 10 championships in 11 seasons.

ublin are in this category. They have the systems of play: The zonal kick-out press, the man-to-man press, the careful traps laid against the opposing goalie’s short kick-outs. Their own kick-out work, with several different kick-outs and an absolute go-to one when they absolutely must retain possession.

Their attacking systems, with the offensive D left free, then the careful probing with players looping around into scoring positions using the passer as a shield, cutting back in, etc etc.

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