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Dharmendra’s sprawling Lonavala farmhouse has these special features

Dharmendra, the He-Man of Bollywood, has received immense amounts of love and adulation from the audience. He has aged with grace and even today if he makes a television or big screen appearance, the audience, laps up the appearances. Dharmendra has given Bollywood several hit films and many iconic dialogues and characters. The actor however, now likes to find peace in his Lonavala farmhouse where he usually stays. From cushions and paintings with his characters and movies printed on it, to luxurious sets of tables and chairs, he does have a nicely done-up farmhouse Indeed. 

Dharmendra Dharmendra Dharmendra

The house has a wide variety of features that can leave anyone’s jaw touching the ground. He has his own organic farm too inside the space, where he grows lots of vegetables. Dharmendra’s Lonavala farmhouse also boasts of show-pieces and furniture that has been imported from all across the world. Well, the farmhouse is perfect for unwinding and that’s exactly what Dharmendra loves about it. Awesome, isn’t it?

Dharmendra Dharmendra Dharmendra

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