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top of the period 19 debut of ‘American Idol,’ investigate where the past 18 victors of the show are today!

American Idol is returning for its nineteenth season on Feb. 14. This will be the show’s fourth season since it was rebooted by ABC in 2018, with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie all returning once again. American Idol has created a portion of the world’s best specialists, however on similar token, a portion of the show’s past champs have apparently blurred into obscurity. This is what they’ve all been doing!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s change from her ‘American Idol’ days to now. (Everett/AP)

American Idol turned into a prompt sensation when it previously appeared in 2002, and Kelly Clarkson immediately turned into a hotshot subsequent to winning the debut season. She has since become a global star, and has delivered a few collections that’ve all fallen in the first, second or third spots on the Billboard graphs. Kelly has been assigned for 15 Grammy Awards and won three. Presently, she’s an adjudicator on another singing rivalry show, The Voice, and can loan her firsthand mastery to the specialists in her group.

Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood then and now
Carrie Underwood on her ‘American Idol’ days compared to now. (Everett/AP)

If you don’t think of Kelly when you think of American Idol winners, chances are, you probably think of Carrie Underwood. Carrie has become one of the most well-known singers in country music since she won the show’s fourth season in 2005, and she has released seven albums in the years since her victory. Her most recent album was a Christmas record that came out in 2020. Throughout her career so far, Carrie has taken home seven Grammy Awards, nine CMA Awards and 15 ACM Awards, including, most recently, the Entertainer of the Year honor in 2020. She was inducted into the historic Grand Ole Opry in 2008, as well.

Of course, some other winners of the show aren’t as well-known as these stars, but you might be surprised to learn what some of them have been up to in the years since they were crowned champions! Click through the gallery above to see what all the American Idol winners are up to now — and how much they’ve changed since their time on the show.


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