Buying a new Apple Watch? Pick its new SE model over the ‘bargain’ Series 3

Apple is now selling a new Watch for €215?

es, because it has just introduced the latest high-end Series 6 (€422) and mid-range Watch SE (€294) models. This has pushed the price of its entry-level Series 3 down to €215, the lowest pricing level we’ve ever seen for a new Apple Watch.

But here’s a quick tip: don’t fall for the lure of a bargain. The new Watch SE is so much better than the old Series 3 model that it makes no sense to get the older wearable, especially when there’s only €80 in the difference.

Let me explain why.

1. The screen size:

The Watch SE gets considerably more screen real estate from the frame of the device than the Series 3 model. That’s because the Series 3 was the last model to use slightly thicker bezels. In plain English, it means that while both Watch models look similarly sized when you’re putting them on your wrist, you’ll see about 30pc more on the display of the newer model. That’s a huge difference. It also means that you can get the more affordable 40mm model instead of the 44mm model and still see an awful lot.

2. It comes with a much bigger selection of colours and straps:

Watches are as much about aesthetics as function. The Series 3 comes with only a black or white sports rubber band when you buy it. Yes, you can buy plenty of others on Apple’s site, but the SE model comes with way more choice. Not only can you buy a far wider range of straps with the initial Watch purchase, but you can also pick additional colours (mainly gold) for the Watch casing itself.

3. It has better speakers:

You may not think this will be important, but you may find that it’s handy to take a call quickly. On the sensors front, while the Watch SE doesn’t have the ECG of the outgoing Series 5 model (and new top Series 6 version), it does offer most of the other important sensors for fitness and health. To be fair, the Series 3 has most of these, too.

4. Better power management:

This can be important, too. The new SE uses an engine that delivers up to twice the performance speed as the Series 3.

5. Conclusion:

Spend the extra €80 for the Watch SE — it’s a no-brainer.

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