best pieces to keep you riding through the Tour de France

Available in old-school black, blue, green or our particular favourite, white with a hint of a pearlescent finish for that understated hint of bling, the S-Phyre shoe not only looks good, but performs well too. With a super-stiff carbon sole, it really feels as if each pedal stroke counts. As comfortable as a pair of well worn brogues, the S-Phyre has adjustable arch support and two Boa dials, allowing you to tweak to fit. On both short and long rides — is an eight-hour ride long nowadays? — comfort was the order of the day and at no time were there any hints a hot spots. Additional tongue and ankle padding ensures comfort on longer rides, while the well-positioned air vent keeps your toes cool in the heat. Just perfect, and possibly a soon-to-be- Tour de France winning shoe too.
Price: £319.99

Elite Takuin storage case

You may not see a single storage case being packed during the ongoing Tour de France, but a number of riders from the peloton will more than likely use these during their training rides. Not that we are likening ourselves to the professionals, but during our early-morning spins throughout the Tour the Elite Takuin case has become an ever-present.

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