Best advent calendars for children and adults in 2020, from chocolate to toys

Like many of the popular Christmas practices we engage in today, the tradition of counting down the days until Christmas is of German origin. Prior to the early 1850s, this was simply done by lighting candles or marking wall. By the early 20th century, advent calendars started to become a gift-giving ceremony in their own right, all of which were contained behind small doors.

While advent calendars filled with chocolate are now considered traditional, there are tonnes of unique options worth considering, too; advent calendars filled with beauty products, high-quality gins, toys, and more. 

We have quite a way to go before the Christmas countdown officially begins but, as so many of 2020’s best advent calendars have already been released, there is no time like the present to get yours before they go. Here is our pick of the very best:

The best advent calendars of 2020

1. The Grand Advent Calendar

£68, Hotel Chocolat

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