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Aditya Narayan reveals he only has Rs. 18,000 left in his account as lockdown continues

Aditya Narayan is all set to marry his long time girlfriend Shweta Agarwal this year.  But even this happy news isn’t enough to cheer up the singer and TV show host. Aditya spoke to a news portal and revealed that he has had to shell out his savings to survive in the lockdown and might have to sell his personal belongings if work doesn’t resume this month. 

Aditya Narayan

He said that he hadn’t expected to stay at home for almost a year. The lockdown has hit his finances drastically. He stated,  “If the government extends the lockdown even further, people will start dying of hunger. My whole savings are depleted. I’ve literally finished my savings. All the money I had invested in Mutual Funds, I had to withdraw all of that (to survive). Because nobody had planned that I wouldn’t be working for a year…. Nobody plans it like that. Unless you’re like some billionaire. So there is no choice. Like I’ve Rs 18,000 left in my account.”

Aditya Narayan

He also spoke of how he’ll have to sell his bike to keep the house running, if he doesn’t get work soon.  Aditya had earlier announced a six-month sabbatical from hosting to concentrate on his singing career. He soon returned to television but was done in by the lockdown thereafter.

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