Pacific Games Change Its Venue For Va’a And Sailing Competitions

It has been reported that the famous Va’a and sailing championships at Pacific Games of 2019 in Samoa has changed its event venue. From what was decided earlier, the competition will now take place in Mulifanua. Mulifanua is located from an hour’s distance of its capital named Apia. Apia is located on the tip of Upolu at its north-western Tip. The competition was earlier being held in Mulinuu and Vaiusu until notification in a change of venue came out.

 The reason of the change in plans has not been discussed in detail, however, it was reported that the initial venue of the event in Mulinuu peninsula’s Vaiusu Bay was associated with multiple obstacles that could not be avoided.  The source of this news is the Pacific Games Office itself. Before this, Mulifanua back in 2007 has hosted the Pacific Games of the South when it came to Va’a and sailing championships. This provides a sense of security when it comes to hosting the championship here again due to the experience gained.

The Games Sports Committee of the Pacific Games of 2019 believes that the championship is going to go smoothly taking into consideration the venue that has been decided at present. This is because Mulifanua’s Bay has flat water, favorable conditions and the best of views of Samoa and all of this just adds up to making Mulifanua an ideal event for the competition. The same view is shared by the Samoa Outrigger Canoe Association.

Further, it has been declared that the Pacific Games Samoa 2019 will be held at the stretch of two weeks. The competition is scheduled to start on July 7, 2019, whereas the Va’a and Sailing Programs and championships will commence from July 9, 2019.

We hope that the venue decided now is obstacle free.